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What makes you a super person?

No weapons formed against you can prosper because like “Superman” the red blood of Jesus gives you power. You, my friend, are an overcomer! Why can I declare that? You are forgiven! Forgiveness is something that we deploy in our daily lives without realizing it For example.

Your child is running in the house. You told them several times that they should not be running in the house. However, this time they crash into the antique coffee table and spills water on it. They didn’t tell you. You just happen to walk by and you saw the watermark on the table. You have a discussion with your child about what he did. The table is repairable, but it will cost quite a bit to do so. It is a priceless piece handed down in your family to every firstborn person!

Your child is terrified. They know the value of the piece. They see the hurt on your face. You have a conversation about the table with the child and they promise not to run in the house anymore. They plead for forgiveness. They explain that they understand what they did and how “expensive’ they table is and how much it may cost to repair it.  They understand that they cannot pay the price for the repairs themselves. The one word they are waiting to hear has not been spoken yet. They are standing there in dread and fear. Then you say “Son I forgive you – I will pay the price for you to repair the table. Go ahead outside, but do not run in the house anymore. You disobeyed me and now I will have to pay the price for your disobedience!” “However, I love you and I forgive you!” The smile and joy return to the child’s face. They know that they are safe. Weeks go by and they do not run in the house anymore.One day the urge to run comes to them. They remember the price that it cost for their actions the last time and they stop dead in their tracks.

We are the same. No, the mother didn’t shed her blood for the child’s actions. However, she paid the price for it. Heb 9:22 tells us “Indeed according to the law almost everything was purified with blood, and without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness.” (NET) Well,

Each time we become less like ourselves because we listen to the Holy Spirit we have overcome because our sins are forgiven. We don’t have to feel the guilt because Jesus paid the price for us with His blood. The cost is covered and we know it. We believe it. We live it. Our lives show it! Yes, we will  slip and fall but we don’t have to carry the heavy weight of sin in our hearts because we are “covered by His blood.” Acceptance of His forgiveness, and showing fruit that we will walk in “his ways” makes us overcomers.  1 John 2:13 reminds us that “ you have known him who has been from the beginning. I am writing to you, young people, that you have conquered the evil one.” Be encouraged you are forgiven. You have power over sin!

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