He is our refuge-so sing for joy!

#HisHandOfProtectionIsURrefuge. Why? #ThatYouMayRejoice

As  the snow poured down outside I watched the animals. They were not panicking. They took refuge in the places that their creator made for them. Every now and then a mockingbird would send someone packing who wanted to take a shortcut and use their nest for refuge. I know that the ants burrowed down as far as they could and of course the snakes were in their underground domain. I thought about us.  As the snow fell I wondered about the folks who were concerned because they did not have adequate shelter, heat, clothing, and or the basic necessities to keep them warm.  I am sure that many of them called out to their Abba “Heavenly Father” and He provided a place of refuge for them.

A warming shelter was opened in one of the local schools. I smiled and said to myself. “There He is doing His thing again. Taking care of folks, even folks who may not know Him.” He kept me warm. I could have been in an area where the power went down. I would have had to leave home and stay elsewhere. The fact that I had people I could call upon is a testament to His protection. A sister in Christ sent me a text to make sure that I was OK because they know how the cold impacts my body.  My children checked on me to make sure that I was fine.

Now these are all human being. His word declares that if His eyes are on the sparrows. So, I can be certain that He is watching over and protecting me. But He doesn’t just protect me for the sake of protecting me.  He does it so I may have joy or rejoice in His name! David praised Him with all of his being – continually because he knew that God’s hand of protection was on him. Do you know that?

  1. When depression hits – are you aware of that?
  2. Do you know that it is OK to call on someone to pray with you?
  3. To talk with you about what you are feeling?
  4. To be a Barnabas-the encourager-in your life?

That is one of the purposes of this ministry. Call on us and allow us to be iron to your soul. The body of believers is a group of people to whom you can go for “refuge.” But He uses them as an extension of His protective wings.

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