Greater is the one living in me than ….


Don’t choose to live lives that are nearly passable. The same power that created the heavens and the earth lives inside of us! We are surrounded by confusion and mayhem. God is not the author of confusion or mayhem. [Click the link for additional commentaries on this Scripture]. Ah, we say, but I have not overcome much. That may well be true, but the Holy Spirit in you has overcome much. The fact you are a child of God has placed you on that straight and narrow path that leads to eternal life. We try to do life without His power and that is when we fail.

So,  Do life with the power of the Holy Spirit because the greatest power that has ever existed since the creation of the universe lives in me and you! Believe it, receive it, live it. Tomorrow when you gather for corporate worship, worship believing that you are worshipping the most powerful being in the universe.

As long as we think that way than serving Him and His people is service that produces the best in us. We literally give of our best to the Lord. I tend to think about Sunday worship all week, I begin to prepare myself for it when I talk out of the “tabernacle” on Sunday morning. Do you always have a song in your heart, and Scripture on your mind? Find a quiet place where He can speak to you. Then you will find that He speaks to you throughout the day. We serve a mighty God and He is greater than anything we could ever face any day! Once again, the same power the formed the universe lives in me!

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