Susan’s testimony brought on by a test. Help Her Shine for His Glory!

Yesterday, I saw pictures of the home of a close friend. It appears that she has lost everything due to Irma. This friend has two options. She can murmur and complain like Israel, or she can allow Him to use her for His glory. She chose the latter.

Exodus 5:1-22 The people of God thought that their obedience to God [their request to leave Egypt made life worse for them. They did not see this as an opportunity for God to show up and show out as His people bonded together as one and the heathens witnessed the power of His saving love through them.

Exodus 14:11-12    How about the ridiculous hopelessness that she might have felt when she looked at her destroyed home? Israel was faced with that when they came to the Red Sea. They saw their own destruction. What did they do? Complain! 

I know that my friend came to this locale to served impoverished children and their parents. And serve she did. She gave her all to teach them. She clothed them when they needed clothing. She fed them when they had no breakfast snack or lunch. We both did.

Exodus 15:22 The people complained about the bitter waters. Nasty tasting water is no joke. Faced with utter destruction of ALL of your life’s memories, your cherished gifts from your students, parents, loved ones, and friends, could have resulted in Susan blaming God. After all what had she done, but “Be Jesus” to others.

No this servant of the Lord took to the social media and called on all whom she had sown years of seeds into, sometimes into soil that she had to fertilize with His love before seeds of understanding and love would grow and produce “good fruit” to come to her aid. She spoke of the richness of the experience of the outpouring of God’s love from her neighbors. Not once did she blame God for allowing her home to be flooded for the 2nd or 3rd time. She lost everything saints. Yet she demonstrates how “fortunate” she is to have this opportunity to have this great challenge.

This is the video of Susan’s home – after much clean-up has been done. The ladies stated that one could not be inside the house for more than 1 hour – even with a mask on their faces.  Susan, like me, has an autoimmune disease, she should not and could not do this work herself. Watch the video then listen to the voice of the Lord as He tells you about how this saint ” is [meeting this] testing challenge head-on and [is managing] to stick it out [listen to her speak of how] fortunate [she is.] [Now here is the clincher] “For such persons loyally in love with God, the reward is life and more life.”

Here is your opportunity to be used by God to flavor and paint the richness of Susan’s testimony.

#HelpingSusan -Retired Teacher Loses Home #HurricaneIrma (Susan Mixson Cleveland)

Click the above picture to “be Jesus” to Susan as you help to fund the replacement of her belongings and repair the damage done to the inside of her house. Be His hands, His eyes, His feet, His love, and help Susan! Be an example of living theology! Yes, she needs prayer but she also needs funding. God always speaks to, and through His people. Will you be one of the people who listens and acts upon what you have heard?


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