Talk to your broken heart. Listen to its bumping – that is God speaking! Read the book.


Written from the experiences of hundreds of people who received answers to their prayers, or just chatted for comfort. No names are revealed in the book just the scriptural references and the application of them to our daily life. Great for a small group devotional. Each devotional ends with a worship song that goes with the scriptural reference or circumstance. This gives you a preview of the book



Never give up – doing good is our calling.

Keeping these devotional as real as possible these days. Hurt will come, and pain will be attached to it especially when you are working for the Lord and your efforts, feelings,, and emotions are stomped on. I have two options:

  1. Whine about it and be miserable
  2. Work somewhere else where God has planted me and give Him the glory for that replanting

Sometimes our assignments are just that assignments. We make the mistake of thinking that serving the Lord in a congregation is a lifetime commitment. No, it is not. Look at Paul. Check out His missionary journies. When his time to move on from an area He did just that. Being sent by God does not mean being sent by God to stay in one place.  However, we take the time for moving on to another assignment to = discouragement, not serving anymore. We begin to act like children who have had their feelings hurt. No, the time has come to move on so that the area can continue to grow after your departure. Ministry is not meant to be a lifetime commitment to a church location. But it is a lifetime commitment to Christ. So, when things get hairy. When people are not appreciative of your efforts. When serving somewhere become similar to having a tooth pulled without Novocaine, don’t think that you should just acquiesce and become a “blah, blah, blah” servant of the Lord because that is what is expected of you, Don’t become weary in doing what is right, good, and acceptable in His sight just to hold and or keep a position. Take time to talk to Him about what He wants you to do and “Even If” it requires a move do not think that the necessary moves = an end to serving Him and His people. Maybe it is just time for the area to grow in another manner and it may be time for us to grow elsewhere. We are His service trees. transplanting can be a shock to the system but with the right kind of soil, food, and care the transplanted tree will flourish and grow in its new location serving others as it did before..

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