Real Love – ready to die for . . .

We have become so enmeshed with this world concept of love that we have forgotten what the word means.  We aim it at people to get their attention. We cover it with jargon and rhetoric that loses its power and majesty. Agape love is not a feeling neither is it a sensation. It is the power of God – who is the embodiment of love – flowing from the Holy Spirit through us to others. It is the kind of love that fills the hole in our hearts where God should live and nothing else. No human being can fill that space in our heart. Only God can. To experience eros to its fullest extent one must have “real love” agape love like the love of Jesus Christ. So, would we give up our lives for another human being? Even someone whom we do not know very well? Better yet even for someone who hates us? Christ did that! So, throughout the jargon, the modern “love talk” and look at yourself and your intended through the eyes of Jesus first. Why? Because if you are not willing to die for that person, then you are not ready to live with them either!

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