A State Run By Church? Didn’t we try that before?

History has proven that concept to be unbiblical and disastrous for the church and the state. The levels of corruption were astronomical. Just read about church history from

Turning Points

Mark A. Noll

Perspectives on the World Christian MovementReader

Front Cover
Ralph D. WinterSteven C. HawthorneDarrell R. DorrD. Bruce GrahamBruce A. Koch
William Carey LibraryJan 1, 1999
Front Cover
 Eusebius: The Church History By Eusebius
Of course, one always wants what one has not experienced.

A response in the debate of the founding father of Protestantism concerning Christian leaders and politics.
Second, whether or not a Christian may serve in a public office with a good conscience—that is, both determine and execute justice, and protect the good and punish the bad with the sword, and yet remain a Christian and share in salvation while serving in such an office. To this, we say yes.
In answer to the second question, we say that since we find no record in the New Testament that a Christian in the church served in public office with the sword, we dare not give Menso a yes. If he can furnish us with proof from the New Testament, to which we appeal, we will most gladly give him a yes; otherwise, our answer to the whole question is no. As to whether or not such persons can be saved, we leave that to God. We do not know what more we could say about this.1
1. From Donald J. Ziegler, ed., Great Debates of the Reformation (New York: Random House, 1969), 342–43.
Interesting huh?

Our roots:

Anabaptists in Switzerland (like Conrad Grebel, Michael Sattler, Felix Manz, and George Blaurock),
southern Germany (like Balthasar Hübmeier, Hans Hut, Hans Denck, and Jacob Hutter),
and the Netherlands (especially Menno Simons) regarded state regulation of the church as tantamount to the corruption of the church. Now that is interesting —

Do not allow political rhetoric to rob you of your freedom to choose.  Even if that choice is not Jesus, God still gives us a right to choose.

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