Why do we have this season?

So every year at this time of the year there is so much hype about the “Season.” But very little is stressed about why we even have this celebration. Folks live for this month all year long. Businesses plan their bottom line on projected sales around this season of giving. But rarely do they mention the personage without whom we would not have this “season.”

  1. So, in retrospect what is so special about this season?
  2. Would the world look different if we did not have it?
  3. Why is Jesus the focus of the season?
  4. What happens next week when the celebrations are over?
  5. How do I thank Him for allowing me to be a part of His birthday celebrations?
  6. Why is it important that I invite others to participate in this reverse birthday party? Say what?
  • Oh, did I not mention that I don’t have to bring any gifts to this birthday party?
  • I am sorry, did I forget to tell you that we are allowed to bring as many guests as we can to this party?
  • Did I forget to state that there is no ornament exchange at this party?
  • Oh my, did I also forget to mention that this party is free and there is no BYOB or even BYOS (Bring Your Own Soul) because the price was paid for all that you will need at this party thousands of years ago?

Oh, wait I need to get back to the original question! Why do we have this season? To remind me of the yet to come marriage supper of the Lamb when people from all nations will sit down with Jesus and enjoy the fruit of the vine with Him.

  • To remind me about the day when time, as we know it, will cease to exist!
  • To bring to remembrance the second when sickness and pain will not even be a distant memory.
  • To recollect the current reality that there will be nanosecond when “we will behold Him face to face” became a reality for me because one day He said, “Father, it’s time for me to become as one of them so they, in turn, can become a part of this family! I Father will become the thing you hate so they can become the ones you love! They can become your sons and daughters!

That is why we have the season! To remind us that at His party we are invited to receive a gift whether or not we accept it is our choice. But his arms are extended and laying across them is that old rugged cross and freedom from sin! This is a celebration of Him breaking the chains of eternal bondage and setting us free!
As to the answers to all of the other questions – send us a message if you do not know the answers 🙏

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