Why we have Christmas!

Christ-mas is here because of original sin…..it is a season of praise, beauty, gladness, and celebration because God’s promise to mankind to forgive sine forever was consummated in the birth, death, and resurrection of his Son.

  1. If sin did not exist we would not have Christmas. He would not have had to come to the earth.
  2. That is the reason why it is such a glorious celebration.
  3. Sin separates man from God. Jesus came to prevent that separation.
  4. If sin did not exist he would not have had to come to this earth as a baby, to be born, beaten because of our sins, bruised because of our sins, stoned to almost to death because of our sins, dies because of our sins.
  5. Resurrected to life so we can be freed from sin!

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. . . .(,)
. . _.-ﺜ-._
. . |. . . . |
. . |. . . . |..Lighting a candle for our Family, Friends and Loved ones
. . |. . . . |..who are not here with us at Christmas ~
. . ღ./.ღ..

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  1. Bueller
    Dec 15, 2016 @ 07:10:34

    Amen! I have a question based on this particular devotional. I have read where someone was upset with their town putting a cross on the top of their Christmas tree as opposed to a star or angel. At first I thought he was wrong but then I read why he complained. He said the cross was NOT what signified Christ’s coming at this time of the year. So he said the cross was not appropriate for the tree. After reading his reasoning, I began to feel that he was right. A cross really DOES NOT have a purpose to this season but rather it’s more appropriate for something different. Needless to say Christians are in an uproar as the cross was taken down, and he said if they were really Christians they would understand the difference. What say you??


  2. Joyce/EM
    Dec 15, 2016 @ 09:53:37

    We worship an ideology that has NOTHING to do with Christ. Nowehere in the Bible does it tell us to celebrate the birth of Christ. Nowhere in the Bible does it even tell us when His birthdate is supposed to be. We haev allowed a tradition that is steeped in – the Christmas Tree – in paganism to blur of theology. If we accept what the symbol of the corss means then there is nothing wrong with having it on the tree anymore than having an angel. The angel is an icon. So is the cross. The cross signifies the fact that our sins


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