Servant Evangelism Activity 1: AS :Oh No My Computer Has a Virus EVAN 525 By Joyce , Gerald, January 29, 2015

Meeting a Physical Need

“A” is the daughter of a relative, who is dying of pancreatic cancer.  “A” is not saved. She has a violent temper that flares when things do not go her way. “A” bought her mother a computer over a year ago. For what purpose I am not clear?  ‘P” does not use it at all.  However, there were people here in the house who watched over “P” who used the computer to play games; access the internet etc., When “P’ computer was returned we were very thankful. It was essential that we had one. Now all of her vital signs were recorded in the home.  When the nursed comes to visit, she reviews that information and determines the course of action for her continued care. When it was opened, it was determined that the computer had a virus on it.

Oh No, My Computer Has a Virus: What do I do now?

“A” exploded with anger.  She did not understand why the computer had a virus.  Who was using it? What did they download on it?  I volunteered to take it to Best Buy to the Geek Squad.  I was taking my Discipleship class and did not have the time to deal with it.  I was too overwhelmed.  I took the computer to The “Geek Squad” they confirmed that it had numerous malware on it, and it was going to cost over $300.00 to fix it.  I called “A” to notify her of the results. She was beyond angry.  “I can buy a new one for less than that online somewhere!” was her exclamation.  She continued with a diatribe about why people should not be in the house with her mother.  She didn’t trust anyone with anything, and now they had a ***** virus on the computer. I wondered how I could be Jesus to her in this situation.  How can I show His love and win her trust? We still needed it now for “P’s” vital signs.  A family member and I prayed over the situation.  It was three weeks later and it was not fixed.  “A” did not replace it.

Computer Repair Leads to Trust

It was the first week of my EVAN 525 class. I was overwhelmed, but I needed to serve “A” and her mother.  I opened up the laptop in safe mode and prayed that I could fix it. Slowly, but surely God gave me the ability and strength to remove all malware. I explained to “A” that I would not go to sleep until this was done.  I was sure that the Lord would give me the strength and energy needed to help her resolve this problem.[1]  There was an all-night battle with the embedded malware and my burning fingers (I have fibromyalgia – that is a side effect).  I told “P” what I was doing. I explained to her that not only would she be able to record her vitals on the computer, she would also be able to Bible study using the online Bible.  She needed to hear the word of God.  Her eyes are too weak for a lot of reading.  “T” did not understand why I was doing it.  He said, “She “A” has money. Let her buy a new one!” I told him I wanted to be Jesus to her.  She needed to know that people can and do serve others in Jesus name without expecting payment.

By 2 a.m. the next morning all viruses were removed.  However, the laptop needed malware and virus protection.  I ordered another license from McAfee. I called “A”and told her the computer was fine now. “T” asked, “So what you just did – how did that serve “A”?  I explained to him that it cost her nothing. It was a free service to her, but I did it in Jesus name.  When her response was positive, and her trust level was heightened, I knew that the Holy Spirit could bridge the hostility between her and “Christians”[2]  I cannot witness to a person who does not trust me.  “A” was appreciative and expressed that she didn’t think I would do it for nothing because everyone wants something from her mother.  I told her I did it in Jesus name.  I continue to serve her in Jesus name and hope that I will have an opportunity to share the Gospel with her verbally, not just by the example of me staying here and taking care of her mother for nothing.  This servant evangelism experience helped three individuals; “P”, because she needed the computer for medical and spiritual reasons; “T”, because he now understands that ignoring people who are rude and belligerent does not further the gospel, and “A”, because now she can see the love of the Lord through Christians and has learned to trust them.

[1] 12 When he had finished washing their feet, he put on his clothes and returned to his place. “Do you understand what I have done for you?” he asked them.13 “You call me ‘Teacher’ and ‘Lord,’ and rightly so, for that is what I am.14 Now that I, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you also should wash one another’s feet ( John 13:12-14 NIV).  This was my goal with Antoinette – to simply and humbly serve her in Jesus name.

[2] If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone (Romans 12:18 NIV). This was my goal with Antoinette.  She has not spoken a civil word to her own brother in years.  She is now at odds with her uncle who has known her since she was a young child.

Servant Evangelism Activity 1: Charlotte Henderson

I Am hurt and I Cannot Drive Myself by Joyce Gerald, January 29, 2015

Meeting a Physical Need

Charlotte Henderson is an eighty-five-year-old mother and grandmother who has physical challenges in her back and legs.  I met Charlotte at the pool where I go five days per week for water therapy for my own physical challenges.  We immediately became friends because I would sing worship songs as I carried out the exercise routines.  I found out from her that her grandson and daughter were both music ministers and choir directors in their local congregations.  I did not see Charlotte for three weeks.  I became most concerned about her.  I asked Susan, another senior citizen who attend water therapy, where Charlotte was.  She told me that Charlotte blacked out and had an accident.  She had twisted her ankle.  I asked Susan for Charlotte’s phone number.  I wanted to see if I could be of any assistance to her.

I Am Hurt and I Cannot Drive Myself

Charlotte explained her condition to me and I asked her if I could pick her up and take her to therapy with me.  She insisted that is would be too much trouble. I asked her for her address and she gave it to me.  It was easy enough to pick her up while my cousin was here from London.  I could leave his sister’s house on time and we could get to the pool early enough to complete thirty minutes of personal training and thirty minutes of group training. However, after he left it became close to impossible.  The person who comes to watch my cousin while I go to therapy comes late every single day.

Charlotte and I began many discussions in the car on the way to the pool each morning.  Charlotte told me all about her life from childhood to the loss of her husband.  We discussed how much God loved her and provided for her even before her husband went home to Jesus.  She stated that she never thought about it that way before.   Charlotte had no way of getting to the supermarket, or the pharmacy to pick up her medication.  I volunteered to take her wherever she needed to go.

Car Rides Lead to Enriching Spiritual Understanding

One day she announced that she likes to read through the Bible every year and she wanted to finish it before the year was over.  I asked her what chapter she was reading.  It was the book of Revelation.  She was so confused.  She did not understand how the scriptures in the book of Daniel and many other books revealed what would happen in the end times.  We roamed through the Bible as we drove back and forth to the pool each day.  As she discussed the scriptures I did my best to offer clarification. She needed clarification on the seven trumpets and what they signified.  She was certain that there would be no people alive on earth that would be the least bit interest in Jesus Christ after the rapture occurs. We discussed this scripture and what it meant,(Revelation 20:4-6). Then we discussed who could possibly have an opportunity to have the mark of the beast on their foreheads because this event would have occurred during the Tribulation.  We also talked about the beheading of the souls because of their testimony about Jesus and because of The Word of God.  The thousand reign of Christ on earth was a lengthy discussion.  It took a few days.  Apparently, this is not discussed in her Baptist church at all.  She was most thankful for the clarification.

When Charlotte read the book of 2 Chronicles she was astounded at the degree to which Solomon fell.  That discussion helped her to realize that although Christ had not come to earth during the reign of Solomon they still had access to the Holy Spirit.  However, Solomon’s weakness was women and the many pagan wives he married.  It took a bit of explanation before she realized that without the renewing of one’s mind anyone of us could fall prey to the same extent that Solomon fell prey to the desires of his pagan wives.  Charlotte and I still have conversations about her bible readings.  Her understanding of scripture has been enhanced by this servant evangelism experience and her walk with the Lord and how he uses people has also improved. Charlotte is still unable to drive herself to therapy or her doctors’ appointments.  I continue to drive her wherever she needs to go and the car-ride bible studies also continue each day.


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