Leadership that led to egregious sin

This morning I was reminded of who and when I was created and what I was created along with me. Then I was reminded of what happens to God’s people when they turned away from the one who created them.

The nation of Israel was led into idolatry because Jeroboam did not want to lose his throne. He forgot that God gave him that throne. He started idol worship, with his own priests etc.,  Due to the northern kingdom’s blatant disregard for the God who created them He took his presence from his people because they were led astray. The peoples’ recalcitrance was supported by the leader of the nation.  He led them into idol worship.

Why is this example important to us today?

It is essential for leaders to realize that they set the tone for the people whom they lead. If they revel in sin, then so will the people. If a leader encourages, or subjugates gossipping, slander, name calling, pride arrogance and dissonance among the brethren, Then he/she has essentially become a modern day Jeroboam.  God will remove His presence from any person, group, or entity that willfully disobeys Him and lead others to do so.

The nation of Israel is a perfect example of that. WOW..can you imagine God’s presence leaving you? Him turning His back on you because you choose to live a lifestyle that is so contrary to what He wants for you that He cannot stand to dwell with you anymore?

Jeroboam loved his people…but he also wanted to keep them to himself.  He was afraid that the people would return to Jerusalem, the anointed place of worship, if they knew how he became king and the debauchery he committed to gain the throne. He began with a simple compromise and led them down the garden path to dark and vile sin. He didn’t start off that way, but as time passed the sin was deep.  Initially, He was God’s instrument to carry out his sentence again Solomon and his line. But power is the elixir of sin.  The enemy will always use the lust of power to derail leaders.  

Throughout the history of the church arrogance, pride and false humility mixed with power brought disgrace to the Church of the Living God – just read about the crusades. The time of the Reformation. The infiltration of the Medici family into the church and their stronghold on it.  The murder and destruction brought on by people who realized that being the leader of a large body of believers gave them absolute power.

So what?

Look at our nation today. In what way do we see Jeroboams rising up within the body of Christ, in local government, state government, and national government? I speak to the church because as the church walks so walks the nation. Whom do you choose to follow?


  1. Do you unquestioningly believe everything that you are told by a leader without searching for the truth – through the guidance of the Holy Spirit?
  2. Do you unquestioningly support a leader even when you “smell” that something is fishy?
  3. Do you make excuses for a heads behavior because you believe that they are the only “hope” for the community/nation?
  4. Do you – God Forbid – worship your leaders regardless of their inappropriate behavior? You see when Jeroboam made the golden calf the people had a choice. They could have walked away. They knew the law. They knew that he was leading them to commit an act that was egregious to God.  But for fear of repercussions they went with the flow.  They wanted to leave the leadership of Rehoboam.  They wanted change. They wanted to be rescued. They made excuses for his behavior. They chose the lesser of two evils. WOW!!


Never take your position of leadership for granted. God gave it to you, and He can take it from you if you go astray!

Jesus help us! Help your people to stand up for what is right regardless of what the end result will be. If we begin to compromise who we are just so people will love us and stay under our leadership, we will end up like Jeroboam and the nation of Israel. One simple lie of his led to an entire nation living an abominable life. Such an abominable life that their Good, Good, Father removed His presence away from his people.Dear Jesus open our eyes before we make the same mistake that Israel made. Save us from ourselves Lord Jesus. I do not want to lead to please people… I want to be a leader who leads to pleases God – bless your people today Father as they go forward into this day.  Everyone leads Father. We do not have to be given a lofty title that points towards a position of leadership because we all lead by example! At this time in the history of our nation Father I am at a loss for words as I see what leaders are doing and saying. Massage the hearts of your people Father help us to realize that when this is all over we will still be the church. How effective will our testimony be after the type of witness that we have demonstrated. Allow us to hear your voice in the midst of teh media blitz and pour your Holy Spirt down upon us as we rest in the knowledge that you are God and you are sovereign in the lives of all men. Give us the willing ness to rest in you and believe that we don’t have to do anything because yu are God and nothing happens on this earth without your knowledge. Amen and amen.

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