After reading Hirschman in Module/Week 7 and the Falwell text, reflect on and synthesize what these authors have had to say about pursuing a “BHAG” (God-sized vision) for your life and ministry. What will it take for you to leave seminary equipped with the faith to do something that is bigger than yourself? In your thread, describe where you are now and where you want to be at the end of your seminary studies. Then strategize about what it will take to get from here to where God is calling you.

The You Are Not the Only One Ministry began the last week of December 2009. To date the ministry has reached persons in 135 Countries. (Revised) [1] The “BHAG” (God-sized vision) for this ministry is to reach all of the countries in the world for Christ.  The first day of the ministry was superlative.  People everywhere wanted to know how they could overcome some of the worse obstacles in life; i.e. rape, spousal abuse, emotional torment,and abandonment. People were also posting prayer requests and praise reports repeatedly.

 The ministry experienced a loss two years ago when Wynette Hendrix, a vital member of the ministry, went home to Jesus.  The period of grieving for Wynette Hendrix lasted for over one year. Joyce was still in university and the health problems that existed in Joyce’s life were getting worse with each month.

Picking up the pieces of the ministry was difficult for Joyce as the dream lingered in the back of her mind.  Jerry Falwell proposed that in order for an individual to have a God-sized dream they must put it on as if it were a “coat . . . then take possession of it”.[2]  In order for this ministry to grow to the level of the “BHAG” Joyce must once again wear the “BHAG”.  Falwell pointed out that growing an individual’s faith requires planning and working out that plan.[3] This is a strategy that Joyce must implement with fidelity for the dream to be realized.

David Hirschman’s thesis of the Liberty University dream demonstrated that a leader’s vision must be so strong that it is embedded into the thought processes of all who are involved with the ministry.[4] Learning how to spread the passion for Christ among the ministry members as Falwell did is another step of faith building that Joyce must develop.[5] Falwell recalled numerous obstacles as the dream of Liberty University unfolded; however mountain moving faith sustained the dream.[6]  The spiritual need for more time in prayer, fasting, and Bible study to rebuild the dream that started the You Are Not the Only One ministry is a dire one because “[some things will not change through any means other than] by prayer and fasting” (Matthew 17:21 KJV).[7]

            Seminary training will empower the dream as the “spirit man” within Joyce is fed, and spiritual leadership skills are developed. The utilization of more search engines is a strategy that will increase the visibility of the ministry.  Launching an advertisement acceptance agreement will also increase the visibility of the ministry. The “BHAG” is a humanly impossible dream, but “with God all things are possible” (Matthew 19:26). If Joyce has to wait for God to send the right people who are serious about praying for the needs of others, or who are willing to use the Share Jesus resources to share Jesus with a dying and fallen world then so be it. Each individual is called to disciple others. The “burn” must be there; the desire to be obedient to the call of the Lord on their life must be there. Teaching, training, and sharing can only occur with people who want to be trained, taught, and discipled.  Giving people things is not sharing Jesus. They will just come back for more thing, but not to know more about Jesus.  History has proven this to be the case. Joyce is excited about what God will do with the ministry and is trusing him to strengthen her as he uses her to reach others.

NB: I hope that this helps you to read this BHAG.

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