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This Discussion Board Forum assignment is going to be a little different than the average discussion board assignment. In your thread, you will write a proposed final chapter to be included in the book, They Found the Secret. This will be chapter 21, and you will be the focus of the chapter. In the subject line, you will title the thread using the following model: Chapter 21 – [Your Name]: The [Adjective] Life. An example of what is required for this thread is provided by one of our instructors in the Assignment Instructions folder.

Joyce Gerald experienced conversion to the Christian faith during her early teens.  She gave her life to Christ after the death of her grandmother.  She wanted to be in heaven with her grandmother. She had no knowledge of God’s grace and or how much He loved His people, outside of the fact that Jesus came and suffered a horrendous death just for her. It gave her the opportunity to become a child of God.  Her understanding of the coming of Christ and its implications for her life was limited. On the advice of her pastor, she started a study into the book of Proverbs.  She read the book of Revelation and realized that a life devoid of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit would be a life without the faith, trust, and hope in God. A life that would be unconnected to God was not for her.  Like Samuel Logan, she had a burning desire to experience the Joy of the Lord. She wanted the peace that came with the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.[1] This desire led her to join a church that believed in the laying on of hands after baptism to receive the Holy Spirit. She became a new person in Christ.


She was now unchained like John Bunyan. [2] After baptism, she experienced a peace that she had never experienced before in her Christian walk. This was adjustment number one for her.  She knew that no matter how challenging her life was God would always be there right beside her.  Just as Adoniram Judson Gordon stated, “As we become more deeply instructed in this matter, we shall learn to pray less about the details of duty and more about the fullness of power.”[3] The thirst for more and more of Him and less of her fueled her knowledge quest.  She listened to numerous radio evangelists.  Dr. David Jeremiah began a series on the Book of Revelation. Her need to share this knowledge with others was intense.  Her understanding of the love of God and His plan for mankind was adjustment number two for her.  God had given her a strong voice and a passion for music.  She was determined to be a musical evangelist.  She was as committed to this as Halverson.[4]  His “I am committed’ statements were the tenets for her life. She turned the television on one Sunday morning and heard the preaching of Jerry Falwell.  She understood more clearly the how and way of faith.  She also understood why God had always supplied her needs.  She simply believed that He would, and He did.

The quest for more knowledge of the Lord and how to serve and share His love with others continued.  A friend introduced her to the work of Ravi Zacharias.  Christian apologetics became a love of hers. This love for apologetics was adjustment number three.   She was not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but she was an introvert.  How could she reach people for the kingdom of God when she worked full-time?

Social media were her last opportunity to reach the masses.  She started an online ministry, with the admin team, that grew exponentially within a week from a few friends to thousands of friends.  Praying for the sick, the discouraged, and talking to the unchurched became a nightly experience for her and another leadership team member.  The Lord led her to start an online devotional blog with her friend Wyn.  She reached her goal of witnessing to the world through that blog.  To date, people from one hundred and thirty-five countries have visited the blog [This sentence revised to reflect the current statistics.]  She won the battle against her will and her efforts and succumbed to the will of God in her life.[5] The journey is ot over the BHAG is yet to be achieved.


Edman, V. Raymond. They Found the Secret: Twenty Transformed Lives That Reveal a Touch of Eternity. 2nd ed. Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 1984.


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