Why America is not experiencing peace.

Great peace have they which love thy law: and nothing shall offend them. Psalm 119:165 KJV

We find ourselves in a national place of theological and a national disgrace? Why do I say that?

  1. Fact: The USA is the largest Christian Nation in the world. 1. USA – 243.06 million
  2. Fact: Among nations in the world the USA rates 46th as a violent nation United States 48.68 % of violent crimes reported nationwide.

As a nation, we are polarized in every way shape or form. And the church is leading in that polarization. I can only speak of what I have seen personally as supported by research.  I live in a southern state. Reportedly the percentage of Southern Baptist churches that are

I live in a southern state. Reportedly the percentage of Southern Baptist churches that are integrated is 1%.  Dart, of Christianity Today, declared, “Emerson and colleagues say the data show that mixed churches are a rare breed in America–counting for only 8 percent. The researchers regard a “mixed” congregation as one with at least 20 percent of its members providing racial or ethnic diversity. Ironically, the poorest record on diversity–only 2 to 3 percent mixed on average–belongs to historic Protestant churches, which were among the first to trumpet the ideal of integrated congregations. Many mainline clergy were stirred by the civil rights movement of the 1960s to render obsolete the observation, usually attributed to Martin Luther King Jr., that “11 A.M. Sunday is the most segregated hour of the week in America.”

So, how does the present reality of the state of the church in the USA correlate with the purity of scripture? “Great peace have they who love thy law!” There is very little peace in America today. Can we make a generalization that it might be because the church is not operating under the law of love?

Until the “Church” stops pretending that it is the “Church of the Living God – where the love of God for all of humanity abides”then the current construct of disenfranchisement will continue. The fear of people of color will continue – regardless of their color on God’s color wheel for humanity.  People like me who attend a church where they are one of 3 people of a congregation of at least 200 hundred people who is a person of color – I refuse to attend any church where everyone looks like me, will always be the exception to the rule.  They will always be ignore, for house parties or non-church sponsored activities. They will always be “tolerated”. I do not believe that the word my God uses for love is tolerated. I don’t live in a community where everyone looks like me. I will not live in a community where everyone looks like me.

The racism that exists in America exists among people of color too. If you don’t talk like them, act like them, or “hang only with them” then you are targeted in a negative way by them. I have experienced that many times in my work environment. Again,  I don’t care. I will not allow a construct that is biblically inaccurate to define me as a child of God. I will have the peace that God’s word declares and I don’t care if someone is not happy with my decision. I will love all people because they are my neighbors. If that means I will not be invited to your church then that is OK with me. I will still be there when you need help, and if it is at all possible I will move heaven and earth to give it to you.  You don’t have to like me, but I do have to love you.

So, how do we experience the internal peace that will present itself externally? By living out the Bible in our daily lives and in our congregations.  Segregated churches is not a theological concept that one will find in the Bible. God’s word tells that we are one body, one spirit, one Lord, and one faith; we must live that out.

Heaven will not be segregated. So, we might as well start to live like we are in Heaven while we are here on earth. I am tired of weeping intensely for people who are being murdered every day. But I will continue to mourn because the Lord said, “Blessed are they that mourn for they shall be comforted!”


Church let’s make this real!


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