Is criticising a religious leader a sin?

“Who can lay a hand on the Lord’s anointed and be guiltless?” (1 Samuel 26:9, NIV).”

Now this is interesting….Note what Mr Graham says here,


He further stated that God will not hold us guiltless. We must remember that pastors, and any person in a position of leadership in a congregation, are human and are subject to human failings.

DO NOT place them on a pedestal, when you do that you are arming the devil and are setting them up for untold persecution. Remember Job! I found this article clear succinct and to the point. Our job is to pray for the pastor. But our job is also to follow the dictates of the denomination as Mr. Graham says if and when something goes wrong.

It is time for churches to STOP the nit picking and clique building, or let me get you on my side in any issue! It is time for us to start to get everyone on God’s side. Folks Pastors have a hard enough job. They are walking targets for the devil. When we insist on isolating them and making them the center of any controversy the devil is very HAPPY! Remember Job, we do not want what happened to him to happen to our pastors. Pastor Kevin has been preaching about Sharing Jesus. Dr. Wheeler, Rod Dempsey and so many others in seminary at Liberty are teaching graduates that we have forgotten our first love and are allowing the plethora of life to prevent us from doing the one thing that we MUST do – that is the Great Command and the Great Commission.

When we are living the Great Command none of this makes any difference. And when we are following the Great Commission, all of this pales in significance with reaping the harvest for the Kingdom. Don’t allow the enemy to use personality games to divide and conquer. He has destroyed numerous churches all over this country because we the Body of Christ has allowed issues to become our focus instead of kingdom work.

Folks for the first time in the history of the United States of America a CHURCH is now publicly calling itself the Church of Satan!! Are we living in the last days? I would say so. We have to let it go. We have too much Kingdom Work to do!
Graham, B. (2015). Criticizing your pastor is a sin. Retrieved from

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