Bear one another’s burdens

Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ. – Galatians 6:2 (NKJV)

An important earmark of “bearing one another’s burdens” is being intentional about bridge-building and unity for the sake of the person we are counseling with. There are many times, whether it is in the counseling room, in the church, or in our professional relationships with others, that we fail to build bridges or find unity. It’s not so much the fact that the bridge cannot be built, but in our unwillingness to build that bridge [here is the caveat that saddens me. What’s worse is sometimes we don’t even see that we are the ones who are blowing up the bridges of unity instead of building them 😦 ] In [our lives we must be] intentional about finding the connecting points of truth and transformational power through theological propositions, through spiritual formation, and through Godly views of psychological principles (Week 1: Defining integration – Key concepts[PowerPoint slides]. (2015). Lecture 2, Liberty University Integration of Psychology and Theology. Retrieved from

In our lives as Christians, we must be intentional about our relationships with each other. If we are not intentional, the transformational power of the Holy Spirit does not occur. Spiritual formation is a by-word or a term we use, but its reality escapes us. In other words, we have Holy speech, but not Holy lives or relationships. While reviewing the lecture powerpoints, videos, and notes for my mid-term I am painfully aware that if we could just live like this many of the hurt people wlaking around Christendom would not be so depressed. Can you even imagine what a powerhouse the body of Christ would be? Isis would not be an issue.—sighs!!

I know that my posts have been pretty intense of late, but we don’t have time to play-church anymore. WE ARE RUNNING OUT OF TIME. Whose report will we believe? Millions are dying every day while……and they are dying without Christ…we are playing church and are nor bearing each other’s burdens. Pastor Kevin said – Dr. Wheeler said, we must be on mission for Christ. We can’t be on mission for Christ if UNITY is not our way of life.Please friends let us join in prayer to determine that we will be a church united for healing and blessing of others.


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