What is my purpose?

I have heard people state, on FB over and over and over again, “I do not know my purpose! I am waiting for God to tell me what my purpose is. Well, this morning Pastor Kevin made it clear. It is to follow simply and do what Jesus told us to do. He told us to do 2 things and we are failing miserably. All of us are…social media has proven that over and over and over again.

Purpose number 1: 1. “The Great Commission”


Share Jesus, share Jesus, and share Him some more.

This is the second part of our purpose is to live:

Our greatest act of love for mankind is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them.

Our greatest act of love for mankind is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them.

I have been on social media a long time. First on Yahoo when it opened it’s platform for social interactions – I think that was somewhere in the late 1990s. If I have learned nothing, I have learned this. People want their senses to be titillated. You will find that 300 people will like a picture of something before they will like “The Word of God.” People, no matter whether they are Christian or not will share things like “Aunty Acid” before they share the word of God. What are you talking about Joyce?

He is the crux of the matter, How do we use social media to demonstrate love to others as we demonstrate our Love of God? Let the hurt and pain go. For me, it is not going to be as much what comes out of my mouth, because I am a stay at home hermit with significant health issues. However, I have full range with what I do in social media.

If what I am posting is going to offend my neighbor, and I know that it will offend my neighbor how am I following the great command when I continue to post it? I can always tell when someone is angry about a specific topic on social media. How do I know? By the links and pictures of saying that “we” I say we because no one is immune to this. The people who truly know me know that I will walk before I allow myself to be drawn into fiddle faddle and drama.

When I choose not to walk, it reflects in my health. I will avoid drama like the plague.

They also know that I will put myself out there to defend the image of the body of Christ that we project in social media. That includes what we post about the leaders with whom we are not too happy.

However, God gives us clear and definitive directions about that. When Nero was murdering Christians right left and center, they were told to honor Caesar. What happened to that methodology of loving our neighbors as ourselves. We are called for a specific purpose, and we must embody that calling, even on social media, or we are not following”The Great Command” Our words have to line up with scripture. Our body language – in face-to-face encounters have to line up with our body language. Our actions must live out “The Great Command”. Our lives must project “The Great Command.” Yes, we are called to love even the person who is hell bent on destroying all Christians from the face of the earth. That is a hard pill to swallow, but we are commanded to do it no matter what. That is called rubber meeting the road Christianity.

So, my friends, remember that social media is the window to our souls. Once we put it out there in public on social media, we have opened our souls to the world. You have no clue who is sharing what you have posted to whom.

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