My Conversion Story: ASW

I was saved at the age of eight years old, and of course I didn’t know the impact that that actually would have on my life. It wasn’t till I was 19 that I realized what it meant to be saved. As a teen I strayed a little bit from God. Between 15 and 19 I was living a life of I got to fit in with the crowd. I got to get everyone to love me. Little did I know that all I needed was God. At 19 I got pregnant with my oldest son. When I got pregnant something inside of me started stirring and making me realize that I didn’t want this life from my child so why was I living this life? No matter what I did I knew I was doing wrong, going down the wrong road but I wanted to fit in and be loved. When My son was not quite one I finally got married to his daddy. And even though I was feeling like the life we were leading was wrong his dad didn’t seem to think anything was wrong. So as he continued down the road of drugs, alcohol, cheating and abusive behaviors, I started steering back towards God. Which started causing conflict in my marriage.

Things went from bad to worse the more I wanted to straighten my life out and do what I knew was right and that was get back with God! I knew that I had to get back in church, get away from the so-called friends I had that just wanted to party and start getting closer to God! The more I started doing for God the better I felt about myself except for I was married to someone that was very abusive, was an alcoholic and liked to do drugs. I tried over and over to get him to go to church with me but it got to the point where if I talked about God it would cause a big fight and I would end up hurt physically. I was raised that once you’re married you’re married for life and you just work out the problems you have. So I felt I needed to stay in this marriage and that would be wrong to get a divorce even though it was a very unhealthy relationship. After 16 years of marriage I realized that I needed to get me and my children (I had two by then my son and my daughter) out of that situation.

God never said that life was going to be easy, He just promised that He will be there with us. I have had many, many struggles from that point till now. But I know if I stay in a relationship with God and follow what I call directions for life which is the Bible. That I will come out a winner that shines God’s love. Now I just want to help others to know what an awesome God we have and how He can make their life so much better!! God is the only reason that I’m still alive and well!


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  1. Ann Smith Warren
    Mar 01, 2015 @ 21:59:02

    Makes me cry to read this….but also happy as through all the pain I found out that God was the answer to me….His love is like no other!!!! I wouldn’t trade that for any thing!!!! Thank you Lord for loving me even though I am so undeserving!!!!


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