Opportunity abounds if you just open your heart and look around

Today I had the opportunity to have lunch with a classmate that I had not seen since we graduated from High School. We attended a very small school with only 60-something (there is some question on the exact number, it seems our memories are not what they used to be. lol) graduates that year. And even with that small number, we were the largest graduating class that the town had ever had. We had a blast talking about the old days and, of course, how everyone has changed. But the one thing that has surprised our class (we are in the process of planning our next class reunion) is that, as seniors, we were looked upon as rebels, hippies, and the wild bunch! We wanted to be different.

Now that we have reconnected with many of our classmates on Facebook, we are astounded to find that out of that group of “outside the box” students, we have become a large group of dedicated prayer warriors. Just out of the 32 we have connected with so far, almost everyone is a dedicated and active prayer warrior. Not just going through the motion-type churchgoers. We are working for the Lord every single day. It has been a blessing to discover just how strong the Lord has become in each of our lives. So never underestimate the power of prayer, as I am sure that our parents prayed over us “crazy teenagers” without ceasing. Thank you to all of your parents for that. And I think that you would all be ecstatic to see the answer to your prayers today. Thank you, Lord, for never leaving our sides and guiding us down the right path. We are the result of what Faith can do.

By Wynette

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