Today’s Prayer

I am reminded again today of how cunning the enemy is. He knows just where I am weak and what may cause me to stumble and fall. I pray that you will help me to stand strong against him. I pray and ask that you will forgive me of my failures and ask that you help me to stand strong against the one that will remain nameless and his evil ploys. I pray that I will think before I speak or act. I pray that I will always have the mind of Christ and look to you in times of frustration and darkness as well as times of peace and light. Thank you for all of your provisions and promises. I am weak, but you are strong. I pray that you will keep every single person on this blog safe and aware of what the nameless one is capable of. I pray that you will grant every single one that have asked for prayer the desires of their heart. My trust is in you. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

Countless Opportunities to Spread the Word of God

Several times this last couple of weeks I have found myself back in the hospital or someplace similar. The first time I was admitted for extreme swelling to both legs all the way up to my hips. The intake nurse and I were talking and just in passing she asked what I did for a living and tada! Perfect opportunity to spread the word. I told her about the blog and she was tickled to death. She asked me if I would write down the url address and I told her I could do one better than that. So I dug out a card and gave her one. Then she asked if she could have a few more as she knew several people who needed to read this as well. Needless to say I was delighted and even gave her some of the new tracks that we have had made for the people who have not yet gave their life to Christ.

The second time was at another establishment and a similar situation. As the lady and I were exchanging small talk she asked me what I did for a living. Hehehehehe I love it when they do that. So I explained to her that I was an author on a Christian blog. She then explained to me that she taught a bible study group and what they were teaching this week was laying things of the past at the feet of Jesus and walking away as a new work of Jesus. If you look at the posts that Em has done in the last couple of weeks you will see that is exactly what she has been teaching on. Isn’t it fabulous when the Lord allows us to be a part of His plan? Praise Your Name Father!

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You Are Not The Only One

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