Just too Blessed to be Depressed

Nothing earth-shaking happened today. I love being around my great-nieces. They are a hoot and make me laugh. And they laugh at my jokes. Who could ask for anything better than that? Talked to 2 of my best friends today on the phone instead of typing at them…LOL, I guess God decided to take it easy on me today. So I could keep this entry short. We have some nasty weather, so I must shut down my computer before it arrives. I am going to relay my daily devotional to you instead. It is pertinent to some of my emails and conversations today. Gotta love Charles Stanley!

May 31, 2011: Walking in the Word: PSALM 119:97-104

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People make a lot of decisions on any given day. Most choices present themselves quickly, leaving little time to weigh the pros and cons. So we “go with our gut.” However, believers who desire to walk wisely through the perils of this world require something more reliable than flesh-based instinct. We need godly knowledge and principles to guide us, so we must meditate on the Word.

I mention meditating on Scripture often in my writing and preaching—and for a good reason. The Bible is the key to knowing God and following His will. Believers simply cannot neglect to spend time poring over its words. If you want to be sure of God’s perspective on an issue, you go to the sourcebook to fill your mind with truth.

All of us have a sort of grid around our minds. It comprises the principles we were taught as children, the habits we’ve formed, and the information we accept as accurate. New knowledge coming our way passes through that grid and is either assimilated or rejected. Think about TV commercials—those persuasive ads full of beautiful people are designed to steal past your mind’s defenses. The Devil has the same goal: getting past your grid and gaining a mental and spiritual foothold.

Psalm 119:97-104 is a passage of scripture that speaks to the value of meditating on God’s law. It emphasizes the importance of seeking understanding and wisdom from His word and the blessings that come with obedience to His commands. As we focus our hearts and minds on His truth, we can experience the peace and joy that only He can provide. May we continually seek His guidance and direction as we navigate this life with faith and hope. Some of the darts that Satan aims at your mind seem harmless or even good—that’s why “going with your gut” is so dangerous. A mental grid plastered with biblical truth is essential for Christians because it identifies and rejects whatever is sinful, poorly timed, or unfit for God’s children. 

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