Love trumps hate everytime.

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Father, teach us how to love.

If ever there was a time in the history of humanity that the actionable steps of love are needed, it is now.  We have become departmentalized Christians.  We are placing people into boxes that you did not create, and we are proclaiming that we are doing it in your name.  As you search our hearts and purge them with hyssop, create a clean heart within us, oh Lord.  Renew our spirits so that they will line up with your expressed will and with your love for all people. Let us come to realize that…

Give us the boldness and power to live your words as we live our lives. Give us the fortitude to listen to what you have told us. . .

As we explore relationships with others, let our love for them be with our argumentative discussion about things that do not matter in the big scheme of who you are and what your plans are for Jesus followers.


Father, teach us how to daily live out the words in the beatitudes and make them a way of life for us rather than scriptures that we just read and think about.



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