It is Sunday morning. Get up and go to the house of the Lord.

#Sunday morning is about showing our love to God and our love to our fellow brothers and sisters. Love to God – well we are commanded to assemble in the place where he has told us to assemble to worship him. Love of our brothers – when we are not at church how does that one brother or sister spend time with us, get to know us, share their concerns and praises with us? They can’t!

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Get up and go to the house of the Lord. Learn how to grow closer to him and how to love your brothers and sisters better!

@freedom_life_church What will we learn this week? Inspiring! Inspiration leads to action. Faith without works is dead! Check it out @freedom_life_church . We R growing closer to God and #learning how 2 ❤️ all people better!!

13 Kitties Landing Rd, Bluffton, SC 29910

Click on the link to get directions to Freedom Life Church.

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