It’s Sunday Morning. Do you know Him?

#Sunday #Know #Him Come to the “Loving People Better place.” Visit us at Freedom Life Church if you want a church experience that mirrors “the way” described in the book of Acts. Come and learn how to “Love People Better. It’s Sunday morning come and worship him in spirit and in truth!

#love Him and #loveothers the way that His love for all of us is #loveinaction. It is that simple. Do you know Him? He knows you! Do others see that we know Him?

  1. Well, they see us every day.
  2. They hear us every day.
  3. They experience us through text, posts, pictures, and or songs every day.
  4. Are they encountering the Real Jesus or just our version of Jesus?

Our lives show others that we know Him and have confessed that He is Lord!  So, 


So, as we post things into the most read, watch, and experienced place in the world, right now, social media, are we showing others what it is like to have God living in us, and how to be a good human?  How does one become a good human? How does one become a person whom people can say, “Yes, they know him! They are striving to be like him!”

Gathering with people of like mind fills that need for fellowship and strengthens our resolve to #GrowclosertoGod &  to #Learnhowtolovepeopl Better! Just something to think about as we gather together to worship this Sunday morning.  Loving Jesus involves loving others too. Visit us at Freedom Life Church if you want a church experience that mirrors “the way” of Acts.


Charity is like the eagle’s wings as it soars.

#Charity #Compassion #Love

Charity is like the eagle’s wings as it soars.

As the eagle gathers the power of the atmosphere it rises and it opens the doors.

It opens the doors of faith, hope, kindness, compassion, and love.

Those precious gifts that we have received from our dear Father above.

Kindness cost nothing is man’s economy.

But it was paid for by the blood of Christ when he died for you and me.

So, my friends let charity be seen as we live, breathe, and look forward to the things that are not yet understood or are unseen.

Prayer: Father please give us eyes, hearts, minds, and a willingness to act and speak out of the charity that flows from your hearts to ours. Selah!

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