What is the church?

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You know what – you walk into a building that people call the church. It isn’t the building. It’s the people. I still miss my close friends from Grace Community on Hilton Head. I think about my Brooklyn, Queens, and New York brothers and sisters all the time.

My Toronto, Canada Brothers and sisters adopted us our entire family and loved us with a love that has never been equaled anywhere else.

My Mahatma Gandhi, London, UK brothers and sisters who taught me how to take care of my new baby and took such gentle care of us- as a family. To this day even my ex-husband still talks about the London, Toronto, and Brooklyn churches.

The church is made up of people loving each other and reaching out to each other. It is the place where “Good Morning” is not the only communication that you have with each other. The church is where Sunday morning is not the only time that you have a relationship with people.┬áIt extends itself to the local coffee shop after church, where you sit and talk about the word you just heard. Or in someone’s home where you have a cup of tea and some homemade shortbread, or scones.

It’s the place where young mothers are taught how to sew, crochet, become creators of all sorts of things as they take care of their families. Young men are taught all the things that they need to know to take care of their families and meet their needs with the help of God.

The church is the place where love becomes actions and is not a noun that is used flippantly. The church is where people invite total strangers – people who are new to the congregation – into their homes to welcome them into the church community. Not just their friends. Is that the picture that you are used to? It is what I have experienced since the day I told Jesus He was Lord of my life at age 14. Except in a certain area. I guess that is just a cultural thing. The church is a place where unity and love are the order of every day not just on Sunday mornings.

Prayer: Lord, let your oneness be experienced this day and every day in Jesus name – amen.


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