Is there hope for the world? English and Hindi Version

Is there hope for the world? This story says there is. This short film explains why.  ENGLISH VERSION

क्या विश्व के लिए कोई आशा की किरण है? यह कहानी बताती है कि हाँ है। Hindi



The Heavens Declare His Name.

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We look at the night sky and wonder. But we don’t appear to wonder sincerely about all of the things that are hanging in space. There are billions of stars in the sky, planets in the universe galaxies in places we have not even visited. Know How Physics has reported that if we hold up a grain of sand, the patch of galaxies that it covers in spaces is quantified as 10,000 galaxies. But here is the mind-blowing part. All of this was created for us by Almighty God. Something for us to enjoy and experience. Why? Because He loves us. Everything, in the universe that we can see and cannot see, speak of God’s glory and His power. The galaxy is silent, but it still booms its voice by stating “We are Here! How do you think we got here?” Close your eyes and imagine all of those stars, galaxies, and planets opening up on the day when the one who loves us so comes back to earth to claim His beloved “the church.” It will be a glorious day indeed. So, until that day press on.


In the meantime…


Tell the Story about His creative powers to everyone who will listen!

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