Follow through with the small things.

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“But continue thou in the things which thou hast learned and hast been assured of, knowing of whom thou hast learned them.”(2 Timothy 3:14)

There are times when we just sit and wait for the “big/great” assignment that our Father will show us and we will even worry about our ability to complete it. But the reality is being consistent with the current assignment that He has given us brings Him and us much joy!

When we fail to follow through with our basic assignment [the little things of life] like growing in our love for Him and demonstrate that love as we learn to love all people better we are showing our faithfulness to Him! It’s not having the most friends on any social media platform that matters. It is how has my life been a light of His unconditional love for all people that matter. Why? Because the unconditional love of others, without verbally attacking others because of our fear of them, is an example of His love for us. As Solomon states in Proverbs 21:21


It is honorable to be righteous in our relationships with others, and why we do things for others.

It’s the little things we do that makes God smile and steers the “ship” in relationships.

When someone wants to be a leader but is constantly stating “I really don’t want to do this” [“this” being a simple thing-a thing that does not give them massive recognition from, say in social media-everyone on their friends’ list] I think that statement makes our Heavenly Father smile. You see we are most like our Saviour when we are doing kingdom work knowing that what we are doing will not get us recognition.

When we’re doing “the little things” simply for the sake of serving as Jesus served we are showing that we are “continu[ing]… in the things which [we have] learned and hast been assured of, knowing of whom thou hast learned them.” It not about how much money we get for doing them, neither it is about the warm fuzzy feelings we received when people tell us how much they appreciate it. Kingdom servitude is not about important people saying “you’re great”. But it is about learning how to major in the “little things.” Our Father will bless us to do great things too. But not until He knows we are ready for them.

Do the little things regardless of what the physical fruit in our lives shows. Do the little things regardless of the rewards that we will receive in the flesh. Why? Because one day we will hear our Savior say “Well done my dear faithful one!”

Do the little things “Even if

  • it seems like it is against everything that society wants and our expects from us.
  • our body says -“I just can’t do this anymore!”
  • our friends tell us that we should stop doing it and join them in another pursuit.
  • our family tells us that we are wasting your time.
  • our family tells us that we are “nothing!”
  • we don’t believe that we are able to.
  • we feel as if we are the only one doing it!
  • we feel that we are alone in that endeavor.
  • we have been hurt to the very core of our being by the persons we are serving.

He knows we are able. Believe that we are able to follow through with our little assignment. Speak it “it is well with our soul” even in the little things, and believe it! He is right there with us! Amen?

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