Love is An Action Verb! Be Love!

Love is an action verb. When deployed it will change lives forever! As we live lives of love we realize that ….

It is not how much we have to give but how empty we are so as to receive God fully. Take away your eyes from yourself and rejoice that you have nothing, are nothing, can do nothing. Then give Jesus a big smile each time your nothingness frightens you. Paraphrased from Mother Theresa.

 If you really keep the royal law found in Scripture, “Love your neighbor as yourself,” you are doing right. I guess the question now is do we love ourselves? Spread joy everywhere you go – demonstrate love by being an encourager!
…living life by loving others as Christ Loves us
…Sharing the truth of His love with others because He shares it with us IS HIS CALL ON OUR LIVES. Living in love is more effective than speaking it. Remember that the word of God is timeless and actions of love live on through eternity! Love is an Action Verb! Jesus is Love-His name means and shows love. 

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