Relational choices.

God has promised, and told His children, that all they have to do is believe in Him. When we do that we will have “In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength,- Isaiah 30:15. However, we choose every day to “In repentance an” rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength, but you would have none of it. — Isaiah 30:15. I learned years ago that my introverted personality was preventing me from having relationships with people who stretched me. I chose to live in an emotional closet. I closed the door to the resolution of conflicts. I lived and loved freely and because of that choice, I got hurt frequently. I blocked out extroverts and their “spatial and emotional chatter from my life. I had contact with them, I worked with them, I supported then but they were emotionally pushed out of my concentric circle and circle of influence.  The addressed this with me in a real way. I found myself on the other side of a work situation that just blew my mind. My attitude of totally trusting people regardless of their behavior toward me almost cost me my career. I finally had to choose to handle conflict. Choose to speak to people about their sometimes inappropriate hurtful behavior. Then I had to determine if speaking to them would do more harm than good,  It the Lord revealed to me that speaking to them would emotionally unravel them, then I left it up to Him to deal with them.  If someone’s body language and facial expressions told me that what they saying to me was not true, I had a choice. Ignore the expressive and verbal dissonance or address it.

I also realized that I can rely on God to give me the words and or strength to handle conflict or I can determine that I am in control of me and not Him! The day I realized that relationships and conflict resolution became easier. Taking the high road became easier. Loving people, even after they have verbally tried to strip me emotionally, became easier. Why, because I know now that I am not responsible for their verbal utterances they are. I also know that God heard what they said to me and was just as hurt about the words uttered to me as I was. We all reap what we sow-either physically or verbally. Making excuses for refusing to be obedient to God’s word is not acceptable. That was the last lesson I learned and the last choice that I had to make.  That one is one that is practised daily.  So, my dear friends who are introverts like me, we can continue to live in emotional closets that exclude others, or we can rely on the strength of the Lord to stretch us and deal with the emotional things that bind us.

I am blessed!

With all the challenges of life sometimes we forget that God does not measure out His love for us in dribs and drabs. Even when we have sinned He still calls us “blessed.”
Bask in that knowledge today when your faith is tested and you feel like a failure.

You Are Not The Only One

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