Choose your friends wisely!

Many of us have heard the same “If you play with puppies you will get fleas!” The same thing applies to who we associate with. We are living in the world, but that does not mean that we should become a part of the world’s craziness. We are to be friendly towards and love our neighbor, but our neighbors should not become the benchmark for our behaviors. We are to become transformed by the renewing of our minds even while evangelizing among the unchurched. We are to be salt and light in a world that has lost it flavor and dwells in darkness. When we become indiscernible from the rest of the world, we have become conformed by the ways of this world. When we walk in the world, they should see the beauty of God’s light in our lives. So, walk with the wise [and the people of God]. Love all Peoples. Be ye separate but not a separatist.  Live in the world but be not of the world. Love as Jesus loved and live as He lived. His life changed the lives of the people around Him, not the other way around.

You Are Not The Only One

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