Will you die for me?

Love is not something we talk about. It is what we do. It is who we are. It is how we prove who He is in us. God loves us so much that He sent His son to be our once and for all Passover sacrifice  I Corinthians 5:7. Are we willing to be sacrificed for each other?

  1. How about just a simple thing like demonstrating our love for each other by giving of our time when asked to?
  2. How about putting others before ourselves?
  3. How about giving of our substance to and for others? (When was the last time that you supported a ministry – because the ministry is a blessing to you?)
  4. How about putting ourselves at risk to make sure that others have what they need to function?
  5. How about taking care of our enemies? We were once enemies of Christ and God – but He still demonstrated His love for us in that He died in our place (Romans 5:10).
  6. Do we serve our brothers and sisters only when it is convenient for us?

Love – from God’s perspective is an action verb! It is not an idea!

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