Servant of Christ or a Man Pleaser?

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Have you ever been in a situation where there are so many layers of authority that you wonder who is really in charge here? Human beings have a need to be perceived as being “in charge” or the one who can make things happen. Maybe it stems from the fall.
Eve wanted to know “all” things. Being a friend of God was not enough.

Paul declares that He is a servant of God. His role as an apostle was not a mantle of dictatorship over the churches he established. No decisions he made were outside of the will of God for that particular church. He answered only to God. There is no power higher than God. Paul could have had the “superiority” “you listen to me because I am closer to God than you attitude.” But he declared himself a “servant.” One who serves others under the authority of God. There were no layers. He didn’t serve in fear of losing his position- so he had to please men. He was not obnoxious about his role as top apostle either. Humility is attached to the word “servant.” Sometimes I think that we forget that and apply the word only to the people who work for or along with us.  When we are focused on Kingdom Mission it must be with the heart of a servant. It must be to please God and not men. Because if we are not pleasing God first we are pleasing men and He is not pleased with that type or servitude.


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