A True Friend of Sinners – Jesus!

The worse experience in the world is a betrayal. When one places their complete trust in another human being – without knowing them well -they allow them to stand on the same emotional rug on which they are standing. When betrayal occurs the rug is ripped out from under them. Their trust lies in a pile on the floor like a smashed box of shortbread. Look to Jesus because His friendship will never end. He will never betray you! He will also provide you with the humans in your life who will speak life to you and will never betray you.

  1. Someone you can confide in and trust with you inner most desires.
  2. Someone who is temperate.
  3. Someone who lives the fruit of the spirit. Why?

Because sometimes we need a couple of flesh and blood persons who will hold us up in prayer when we need a three strand cord to bolster our spirits. Those people are spirit filled and will never crush your spirit no matter how ticked off they may be about your exhibited behaviors. They are what I call – Jesus in the flesh – Christian friends who take the high road with you – even when you are acting like an interesting person. A friend that sticks closer than a brother is a gift from Jesus.



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