Recovery Testimony EVAN 525 Contemporary Evangelism by Joyce Gerald, January 25, 2015


“My life seemed normal until…”. 1

“I discovered hope and help in Jesus when…”. 1

“I am glad I have a personal relationship with Jesus today because…”. 3


 “My life seemed normal until…”

My life seemed normal until my grandmother died.  She was my protector as well as my mentor.  When she died my aunt, Mancy left the United Kingdom and went to the United States to spend time with her friend. She was there for an entire year.  Within a week of her departure, my ****** began to rape me whenever he worked days instead of nights.  This event was the most emotionally damaging experience of my life.  I trusted my uncle, who was a deacon in the church, and looked up to him.  He was a pillar of the small town of Aylesbury where we resided.  The activity did not cease until after my aunt returned home.

We slept in the same room, so he did not have a choice.  I was only fourteen and a half when this first started. I blamed myself because I did not fight him off-I could not he was huge and I was tiny. I could not tell anyone because I did not want to return to my father and step-mother who had lied to me – keep in  mind I am my father’s only child.  No one would have believed me anyway. I graduated from school at age sixteen and left the area as soon as I saved enough money from work ,as an accountant, for my train fare and a room of my own in London.

“I discovered hope and help in Jesus when…”

I discovered hope and help in Jesus when I started to read literature about his saving grace and his boundless love.  The literature led me to intense bible study.  I read about the life of the patriarchs of old.  David, Joseph, and Job became my favorite patriarchs.  Each of them experienced life events that would have unnerved a faithless person; however, their faith in The Lord was immovable. Paul was my New Testament apostle of choice.  As I studied the lives of these individuals, their faith, and love for their God my guilt started to ebb away.  This happened because the Holy Spirit was wrapping me in the Love of Jesus as I devoured his holy word.  He looked at my shame and took it away.  He replaced it with joy that was immense.  He replaced my guilt with a love for Him that I did not think that I could possibly have.  His word has been my source of inspiration, correction [especially of my thought processes], and joy.

“I am glad I have a personal relationship with Jesus today because…”

I am glad I have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ because He saved me from a fate that was worse than death.  More importantly, He forgave me of all of my sins.  I know that every human being who has ever lived has sinned.  But His death on the cross took my punishment for my sins and now I can live a new life with Him as the director of that life.  His forgiveness of my personal sins enabled me to forgive my abuser and His wife who knew I was being abused. His love erased the memory of the worse event in my life.

Although it took most of my adult life before I was able to verbalize the abuse, when I did I could tell others that there is nothing that Jesus cannot erase from your memory banks.  There is no emotional turmoil that Jesus cannot handle. He has become my psychologist, my life coach, my mentor, my teacher, my healer, and my completer.  Why is He my completer?  He is my completer because my life was empty and tortured before I met Him. He gave me the ability to love others simply because they are human beings without expecting anything in return or without any conditions.

I did not get this on my own.  I got it from his unconditional love for me.  It is easy to love Him because He loves me so much.  I can talk to Him about anything at all and know that He will answer my questions.  When I am stressed, He calms my spirit.  When I am concerned, He speaks to me through his word and tells me that I am not alone. In spite of my human failings, Jesus still loves me.  He shows his love for me by reminding me that I am forgiven and that the event in my life does not need to bring me sorrow and pain if I have to share it with others. I know that no matter what life brings my way Jesus will always be there for me.

“May I share how something like this can happen to you?”

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