He died once so we could die once too.

For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life  John 3:16

This devotional is about how we should not share Jesus and use “religious” verbiage to define the fulfillment of the amazing covenantal relationship that God established with Abram from Ur of the Chaldees.  When we say to people that we got “saved” it doesn’t even begin to express the sacrifice that God made for humanity. Even after we start to understand that the one who lived in the Holy of Holies came down to be the thing that He hated “sin” just to give people access to the one place that only a purified high priest could occupy.

It is like giving the bum sleeping under the tree ten block from the Whitehouse, access to the Oval Office and allowing him to set up residence in that specific place.  His surroundings would change him a little bit, but establishing relationships with the people who walked in and out of that office everyday would change hi forever.  Somewhere in the back of his mind would be the memories of how he was before he entered the Oval Office, but does he stop there and just occupy that space for himself?

Now what should he do? Arrange parties, and events to entertain his friends or should he intentionally and deliberately tell them how he got to the Oval Office, and then see if they would be interested in joining him there?  That is what discipleship is all about.  It is the job of all Christians who accepted the fact that Jesus died for them, so they would not have to be separated from their Heavenly Father for all of eternity.

You see man was designed to die twice.  The first death is the death that occurs when we breathe our last breath.  The second death is the death we receive when God judges us and determines that we chose us, the world, and sin instead of Jesus.  He then says to us, “depart from me I know you not!” You are sentenced to death.  This death is eternal separation from me.   To avoid that death all a person has to do is accept the fact that Jesus died in their place, and accept the pardon His death put in place so they would not have to be sentenced to die twice.

So, the bum would begin to share Jesus with his friends by talking about how to avoid dying twice.  He would to tell everyone whom he knew about that special place of his, you know the Oval Office, where he now lives and had no right to, in words that they could understand. Not religious words. So, before you know it the entire Whitehouse would be occupied by people who, in the  eyes of the world, should not be there!

That is discipleship in a nut shell.  That is what every Christian is called to do.  We are called to tell our story and Jesus’ story and give people eternal peace.  Do you think that you can do it?

Father shows us how to share the glory of your presence with others who need to be there too.


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