Lord hear us

Father God,

Your word for today told us that if we would simply humble ourselves and pray that you will hear us from heaven and heal our land!

Forgive us for our stubbornness and hardened hearts.

Forgives for our attitudes on control, where we want to solve our problems our selves and not allow you the absolute authority over our lives that is due to you.

Forgive us for our lack of humility, and forgive us for not being willing to release the wickness that is in our hearts to embrace the purity of the holy spirit.

Show us gently where we are controlling, and show us the wickedness that still resides in our hearts..then give us a willing spirit to hand it all over to you so that you can melt this stony heart of ours and give us a heart of flesh that is forever obedient to you.

We are yours Lord – we love you Lord.  Guives us the desire to have AGAPE love towards you so that we can have it towards others.  LORD HEAR THIS PRAYER FROM HEAVEN.

I thank you for answering it in Jesus name amen!

Let us know if you prayed this prayer, and let us know how he has released you from emotional bondage.


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  1. Writerpro
    May 04, 2012 @ 11:00:36

    So joining in this prayer with you, Joyce, pertaining to those heavy on my heart. I am pretty sure the Lord’s revealed who they are and why I pray so fervently.

    I don’t know if this is the right place to ask this question, and I think I know the answer, but do generational curses exist? I heard someone utter these words during our message Sunday and I think she uttered them so I could hear. They were quiet and directed my way.

    If so, I need to know that I know it’s sited in scripture and I need to begin praying for forgiveness and true repentance/revival to occur.


  2. Joyce
    May 04, 2012 @ 15:19:01

    Read this…
    There are consequences for sins committed..and not repented of.
    There are humanistic predispositions to committing certain sins.
    We all struggle with things that are present in our family line….but they do not define who we are.
    Once the Lord has reveal an area of sin in our lives we need to address it with him.


    • Writerpro
      May 04, 2012 @ 17:31:54

      Yep. I thought once we come to Christ willingly, then there is forgiveness for true repentance because Jesus died for all those sins. I’ve never believed in generational curses because they just make no sense biblically as well as just relationally speaking, meaning in a relationship with the One giving His all for our forgiveness and FREE gift of grace. I mean, how may I be cursed for what my dad did or the choices my grandparents made? They are dead. Yes, they influence me, but as an adult, I make my own choices. I know my relationship with Christ is a choice. A willful choice. On the other hand, it amazes me to learn about how much of my previous Christian life has been based in fear VS love. The truth of the matter is this: God is love. Period. Fear=compliance. Love=choice.

      Thank you for that link. It explained it well and helped me understand what I thought was correct.


  3. Joyce
    May 04, 2012 @ 22:10:27



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