One day, everything that’s wrong in this world will be set right. English & Chinese

 #FreedomFromGuilt #FreedomfromOpression #FreedomToLove #JesusKingofKings #JesusWillReturn #SharingHisStory #TheGospel One day, everything that’s wrong in this world will be set right. This is how: Click here for the ENGLISH VERSION


Click here for the CHINESE VERSION

  1. Lord, are we ready for your return?
  2. Are we learning how to become close to you?
  3. Are we encouraging each other with the word of God each day?
  4. Are we keeping in touch with our brothers and sisters during their isolation, sickness, and despair?
  5. Are we challenging ourselves to Love Like Jesus?
  6. Are we side-tracked and focusing on people, places, and things that do NOT impact the kingdom work that we are called to do?
  7. Do we love like you, Jesus? This is the screaming thought I wake up to each day when my eyes open.
    • Father, we, the church, are so disconnected from each other that we have forgotten our purpose.
    • We are looking to men to change the minds of people.
    • We are looking for laws to force people to serve and worship you.

Father, I pray for the sick and infirmed that they will use every opportunity of the illness as a divine appointment. Whoever cares for them will hear of your mercy and grace from your children, Father.

I pray they will hear about our Good Father, who loves and wants the best for them. Also that they will hear about how He gave up His only precious Son so they could be part of his family. I pray that essential workers will come to know Jesus or be strengthened in their faith when they see your precious child afflicted by illness and glorify you in their affliction and healing.

I pray for each prayer warrior and their active engagement in praying for the needs of others on the group page. Lord, I know that it is an honor to be able to call upon your name on behalf of others. I do not take it lightly. Bless each person reading this post and cover them under the shadow of your mighty wings. In the patient and loving name of Jesus Christ, our Savior, and healer, I pray, Amen.

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