Lord hear us

Father God,

Your word for today told us that if we simply humble ourselves and pray, you will hear us from heaven and heal our land! Forgive us for our stubbornness and hardened hearts. Forgives for our attitudes on control, where we want to solve our problems ourselves and not allow you the absolute authority over our lives due to you. Forgive us for our lack of humility, and forgive us for not being willing to release the wickedness in our hearts to embrace the purity of the Holy Spirit. Show us gently where we are controlling, and show us the wickedness that still resides in our hearts..then gives us a willing spirit to hand it all over to you so that you can melt this stony heart of ours and give us a heart of flesh that is forever obedient to you. We are yours, Lord – we love you, Lord.  Give us the desire to have AGAPE love towards you so we can have it towards others.  LORD, HEAR THIS PRAYER FROM HEAVEN. I thank you for answering it in Jesus’ name, amen! Let us know if you prayed this prayer and how he has released you from emotional bondage.

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