If you’ve ever wondered why life is so hard…English and Chinese

#Story #TheGospel #Jesus #Protector #Deliverer #Savior #YeshuaMeshua If you’ve ever wondered why life is so hard, watch this incredible short film. Click here for the English Version


Watch the story to the very end there is a special invitation waiting for you there. David had to trust the process that God chose to train him to become the King of Israel. In the meantime, Saul was determined to murder David. Why did God choose this process that placed David in a life and death scenario with Saul?  The best way to train for leading during a time of trouble is to do so where God has placed you. You may never know who, when, where, why, and how of the situation, but God does. So the challenges of life will come. They may come in waves, or in solitary occurrences, but I guarantee you that they will come. God is our deliverer.


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