The results of poor leadership: A Godless country!

This morning we were reminded of who and when we were created and what was created along with us. Then tonight we were reminded what happens to God’s people when they turn away from the one who created them…..

The story of Ahab

 Ahab had several encounters with the prophets of God. They came to warn him about his idolatrous behavior and how he was leading the nation of Israel down a path that would lead to its destruction. Ahab did not care. Some of the encounters appear in 1Kgs 17-181Kgs 20:221Kgs 20:34-431Kgs 21:1-27; and 1Kgs 22.

Other Kings of Israel we poor examples of Godly leadership too. 2 Kings 14–20
The nation of Israel was lead into idolatry because Jeroboam did not want to lose his throne. He forgot that God gave him that throne. He started idol worship, with his own priests, etc., God’s reaction to the northern kingdom’s blatant disregard for the God who created them. was simply. IF they wanted to live wreckless lives He would remove himself from their day-to-day operations. (see J. D. Douglas, ed., The Illustrated Bible Dictionary, s.v. “Assyria,” 1:137).

No change so.

The people did not change. “And he did that which was evil in the sight of the Lord, but not as the kings of Israel that were before him.” This phrase was a common statement in the books of King. It was used to describe the leadership style of the king. They continue to do their own thing. See 2 Kings. Read the entire book to grasp the level of disobedience of the nation of Israel. So, God took his presence from his people 2 Kings 17:23, because they were led astray.

It is essential for leaders to realize that they set the tone for the people whom they lead. If they revel in sin, then so will the people.

The nation of Israel is a perfect example of that. WOW..can you imagine God’s presence leaving you? Him turning his back on you because you choose to live a lifestyle that is so contrary to what he wants for you that he cannot stand to dwell with you anymore? Jeroboam loved his people…but he also wanted to keep them to himself.

He began with a simple compromise and lead them down the garden path to deep and vile sin. He didn’t start off that way, but as time passed the sin was deep.

Jesus helps us to stand up for what is right regardless of what the end result will be. If we begin to compromise who we are just so people will love us and stay under our leadership we will end up like Jeroboam and the nation of Israel. Amen.

One simple lie led to an entire nation living an abominable life. Such a heinous life that God took his presence away from his people. Never take your position of leader for granted. When God gives it to you, he can take it from you if you go astray! Save us from ourselves, Lord Jesus.

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