The soul that was cracked.

#Crack #Soul #Spirit #Heals  I woke up early this morning with some thoughts in my head. I really just wanted to go back to bed. I tried and I tried but to no avail so I open God’s word and my soul began to wail.

It wailed for the sick, the despondent of heart. I wailed for the child who was told that they will never be smart. I wailed for the hate that this world permeates. I wailed for the souls that are crack and for the people who refuse to look back.

So, as I prayed, “Dear God give me the strength. To love as you loved every day and not just “during Lent.” The words below from my soul poured out. I hope that they give you strength as you shout out.

“Jesus show me how to love as you loved. Show me how to be you to the unloved. Show me how to walk like you walked to the woman at the well. Show me how to be bold as Peter and your Gospel tell. Show me how to live in your love and my soul will say, “it is well!”


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