Wake Up! It’s Time To Worship!

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Remember this Scripture today when you walk into the house of God to worship. Matthew 18:20 reminds us of this most important principle.

Today we will corporately worship Him just like the rest of Creation!his week were you in battle? Did you experience spiritual warfare? Today is your respite day. Rest, rejuvenate and go forth.

No one will ever love you like Jesus. No one will ever appreciate you like Jesus. So if your spirit is experiencing heaviness this morning, go to the place where you are not physically alone, and put on the garment of praise. The battle is real, and the enemy may make it appear that you are surrounded by out of control circumstances, but know that His arms are wrapped around you as you #GrowclosertoGod and #LearnHOWToLovePeopleBetter

Song: Rescue

How was your week? Did the battle rages on? Remember that you are never alone! So, let’s learn how to storm the gates of hell one person at a time!

Song: Refuge: Our God is a refuge in the time of trouble. He will always be there with you. So, take the time to acknowledge Him corporately as you worship in The House Of The Lord, today. You are a conqueror and this week you were in battle. Fully clad with the Armor of God and your General (GOD) said: “YUP this is how you fight we fight your battle!” Sometimes the battles are harder because they come from the people you love the most. Sometimes your most painful moments are caused by people whom you care about. Love them still!! Praise Him during the storms of life, but don’t praise Him alone!

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