Live at peace with others.


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  1. Watch our thoughts. We can live peaceably with others when our thought lives are powered by the Holy Spirit. Keeping our thoughts free from sin will open the lines of communication with others without there being preconceived notions about who they are, what they are thinking, and or what they will do.
  2. Live by the fruit of the spirit. When the holy spirit prompts us to do something in our lives that will affect our relationships, we must obey him.  It takes patience and the other fruit of the spirit to fully realize peaceable relationships with others
  3. Be a peace sower. When we exercise the fruit of peace, we will demonstrate the kind of wisdom that comes from God rather than the sense that comes from our fleshly thoughts.
  4. Take the high road. When we are offended, we must be willing to let go of the offense, even if it is justified. The truth is that one is more likely to be in more emotional pain than the person who offended us. I am not say allow people to repeatedly hurt and or harm you, but I am saying enable the Holy Spirit to guide your steps as you walk through the valley of conflict and offense.
  5. Stay fearless in Christ.  As we live in peace, we discover that we are indeed fearless. Our conscience is clear.  We are guilt-free, and “whom the Lord makes free is free indeed.” Live boldly, lovingly, and peaceably with all by showing that you have his peace.

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