Be a blessing just because…

I have heard it said that if one gives to X, Y & Z ministry, or non-profit then God will just bless you for giving. That appears to be a conditional way of expressing love. God blesses us because He loves us. Likewise, we should be a part of a “giving” ministry to further His kingdom work not because we are fulfilling a legal requirement to give. Neither should it be because we want others to know that we are “givers.” Be a blessing not just to receive a blessing! Sow seed into the kingdom because that is what God has placed on your heart, not because you feel guilty. If you are going to sow or bless someone then do it consistently!

It is so easy for me to forget things. So, I set things up so I don’t forget. Call a person now and then to let them know that they are not alone in this world. Send them a quick “Hi how are you?” message so they know that you care. It does not have to be every day. Offer to take someone who does not have transportation somewhere simply because you can, not because you want them to pay you gas money. How about just smiling and letting a person know that they are valued? Being kind and generous does not have to cost you a dime. We have a good. good, Father who takes care of us because He loves us regardless of how unlovable we are at times. Maybe we can learn how to unconditionally love others by loving them the was He loves us and by being generous and king to them the way He is generous and kind to us.

#learningtoloveALLpeoplebetter takes time, effort and Agape love! #letstalkaboutit


You Are Not The Only One

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