Pray even for our enemies.

Prayer separates us from the ungodly! It connects us to the Almighty like the umbilical cord of a baby connects it to its mother! Hate for one’s enemy twists that cord and reduces the connection. Stay connected to Him pray even when your enemy hates and abuses you! Pray even when your enemy is determined to unravel you. Pray even when your enemy goads you on or tries to destroy your name!  Let God handle them. Use the judgment that He has given you to know when to act following the laws of the land or when to stand still and let Him deal with the person and situation. Sometimes one has to do both. But if your enemy is a brother in Christ then you have no choice but to pray. It is not possible to state that one loves God when they hate their brother – the Bible calls us a liar. So  pray and keep praying  until God’s answers is revealed in the flesh.

You Are Not The Only One

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