Don’t allow the filth of this world to “be prevalent……”

I was doing my daily prayer walk this morning and noticed this caterpillar. Inside that caterpillar is a beautiful butterfly. Transformation is occurring inside that soft squishy body. I thought about us. Our bodies have the Holy Spirit encased in it. As we “accept the Word” of God that is planted inside of us we begin the transformation process. That process will get rid of the “filth and evil” that pervades society. How do we know that we still have filth and evil in our thought processes?

Each time we look at someone who has wronged us what kind of thoughts come to mind? Are they Godly thought or are they something like this “Just look at her/him walking around as if they are something. They are just filthy rags on display.” “Or who do they think they are I can preach/teach/sing/serve as well as them? Or just because they have a degree that doesn’t make them better than me? Or those “filthy Mexicans, Asians, whatever..need to go back to where they came from if they don’t like what we are doing about them. They are stealing our job?” OR “I can’t stand President Trump?” It is not our place to publicly state things like that about our leaders because God placed them there for a reason. If we don’t believe that then we don’t believe in the authority of God. Scripture states that it is HE who appoints (Ro 13:1). I have seen and heard some things come out of our mouths about leaders over the last 4 administration that can only be labeled as “filth.” God is not pleased with us when we’ His children, are hateful to anyone.  We must let the Holy Spirit speak through us and that only happens when we feed on His Word and live by it. Transformation is a process that takes the Holy Spirit and MY willingness to change. The caterpillar does what it is supposed to do be He was created to do just that. Why can’t we do that too? Send us a message if you just want to chat about the transformational process.



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