He is Loyal to Us..So We Must be loyal to each other

The eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show Himself strong on behalf of those whose heart is loyal to Him. — 2 Chronicles 16:9 NKJV 

I have always thought that we have very low expectations of God.  We are now living at a time in history where the word “God” is frowned upon.  People veer to the far left when the word “God” is mentioned.  People who were brought up with God as a frame of reference are now sold on the idea that they are the authors of their own destiny and they will live now and to “He**” with everyone.
We live in a time when a  person actually thinks that the world revolves around them and when others do not come into their circle of influence as one of the players who are there to make “them”happy then it is just too bad and they can just stay out of it.
I am most alarmed that titillating one’s senses is more important than staying focused on what God wants for us as we continue on our journey of life.
Yes, He remains in control whether we acknowledge Him or not.
Yes, as humans we will do stupid things that do not represent Him at all.
Yes, He will allow us to live our lives as we see fit, and yes, we will find out one day that He really is God, and He does order our steps.
I wonder what we will say when He says to us, “Why did you walk away from the work that I told you to do?  You prayed for years asking me to order your steps. When I did you left when it became uncomfortable for you, or when the desires of the flesh were more important to you” – thought provoking huh?
This conversation will happen whether we believe it or not.  YHVH is God, and He never changes.  His love for us in unfathomable and He does hear and answer prayers.  We, however, are not listening and or acting on those answers.  He remains loyal to us no matter what we say or do.
We, however, are not listening and or acting on those answers.
But we are not listening and or acting on those answers. 
So, what do we need to do at this time in our lives?
Do not allow society to dictate who and what you are in Jesus.  Let Jesus decide that for you.
Do not allow social media – or the friends you have found through social media set the temperature for your spiritual growth.
So, here are some remembers to keep on focus on what is important:
  1. Remember that people who live on and must have contacts through social media are living behind the screen of a computer or digital device.
  2. Remember that sometimes social media gives us an insight into a person true personality.  However, it does not give us an opportunity to condemn that person.  Remain loyal to them.
  3. Remember that communication is a two-way street and those memes are not an effective means of communicating.   Take the time to talk to people not use pictures to communicate. Using pictures devalues the person and says you don’t want to hear any more – this damages the tendons of relational communication and sometimes severs them.
  4. Remember that if you have something to say, say it to the people who need to hear it not to everyone who is on social media. This type of action creates rifts in your loyalty meter.
  5. Remember that connecting with people through the establishment of relationships transforms lives, not just the other person’s life but our lives too.
  6. Remember that transformation can be positive or negative.  Choose to make your relationships with others a positive transformation fostered of realistic loyalty expectations. This is what He wants for us.
  7. Bear in mind that we cannot threaten people to be loyal to us. People must experience our loyalty to them as well as before they will invest their energies into us. But ensure that your expectations for loyalty are realistic. There is a difference between enabling and loyalty.


  1. He is our most loyal friend.
  2. His love for us never changes, and no matter what we do.
  3. He loves us unconditionally, and we should love each other in the same way too. Then loyalty will be evident, and His best for us becomes a reality that we can and will accept.
  4. He is not human and He does not waiver His loyalty.
  5. He remains loyal to us no matter what we say or do.
  6. His love for us in unfathomable and He does hear and answer prayers
  7. Lastly, remember that YHVH remains loyal to us even when we sin and He does not have a ticker list of our disloyalty to Him.
Just Trust Him – He is a true friend!!

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