Love all men, even the foreigner

lev19 34+

Words to live by from our Heavenly Father. Ever been somewhere where you have been treated like a foreigner and not at all accepted? Don’t worry about it. Maybe God sent you there so those individuals could learn how to live this scripture out. Sometimes the things we go through is not about us at all! It will help all of us if we remember that. Not only did Job learn who God really as to him, so did his friends. They had no clue who He was. They had no idea of how He loves unconditionally, or how much He loved Job. The devil did, though–but only so far. I am sure that when Job’s accusers were finished with their discourse that they just threw their hands up in the air and were like. Whatever!! You are wrong, and you are a sinner and you don’t even know it. Job felt like a foreigner in his land. EVERYONE left him to struggle at a time when he needed unconditional love and positive affirmations. They trashed him. So, once again.. Some of the time when you feel like a foreigner in your place – whatever that place is.


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