A Review of Share Jesus Without Fear: What will EAMT do to make it happen?


William Fay and Linda Evans Shepherd present a concise and easy to implement book on how to “Share Jesus Without Fear”.  The book is a systematic approach to sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with others.   Chapter one is the pivotal chapter of the book.  It is entitled “You Can’t Fail”.[1]   William Fay authenticates the title by describing his experiences with Christians who tried to share the Gospel with him.  He clarified that, even though, their presentation did not result in him accepting Jesus Christ as his personal Savior they did not fail.  They did not fail because the responsibility for “. . . . causing a person to turn towards God” is the work of the  Holy Spirit.[2]  The authors defined success in evangelism as sharing a person’s faith and living for Jesus Christ, “It has nothing to do whatsoever to with bringing a person to Christ.[3]  This statement is the pivotal point of this book. Immediately the reader exhales in relief because the burden of saving souls has been lifted.  The authors placed the act of “sharing Jesus” from the right perspective. They declared that not sharing Jesus is the “sin of silence, silence is an act of disobedience to a direct command from the Lord.[4]  Fay and Evans Shepherd stated, “And when people choose obedience, they experience a unique kind of joy in an ever-deepening relationship with their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”[5]  The believer is now prepared to begin the sharing process as an act of worship.  The authors also provided readers with a well-crafted script that includes the opening questions that a believer should ask their friend. They are called the five “Share Jesus” questions. [6] Fay and Evans Shepherd declared that the believer should “never argue” with the person’s response.[7]   Answering with “hmm” avoids an argument, but allows the person who is sharing to get to the question that leads to reading of the scriptures that are in the appendix.  The scripted presentation of sharing the scriptures is simple and straightforward.  Believers were encouraged to develop a list of non-believers with whom they have established relationships.[8] This provided Christians with a list of people with whom they could “share Jesus”.  Share Jesus Without Fear gave believers a simple, seamless process to complete the call on their lives.

Concrete Response

While reading this book, I thought about why this book is so important to me.  I remembered my pastor/friend from Brooklyn, New York.  He preached about the work of the Holy Spirit in our own lives.  He preached about obedience to the word of God.  When he started an intensive Bible study on the book of James and what true religion looked like in real life, I began to see my own “sin of inaction” as it pertained to being Jesus to the fatherless and the widowed.

Reaching out to total strangers was not my style.  However, the sin of disobedience was not something I wanted to continue in my life.[9]  I had to pray about this situation.  As a family, we had already started to reach out to singles in the church, but we needed to do more.   Reaching out to the youth, their parents, and also the youth with whom my children went to school was now a mission.  Being a family that lived out our lives as Christians, and being an example to children who came from broken families became the mission call for our family.  Again, it was a huge challenge.  We had two personality types in our family, introverts, and extroverts.  My husband and my youngest daughter wanted to conquer the world and rescue all persons who needed help [they were the extroverts].  My oldest daughter and I just wanted to help from a distance.

Sharing Jesus Without Fear “tapped” those memories of how my life had to turn around in order for me to be a living example of the servanthood of Jesus Christ to others.  Now I am at another crossroad in my life.   Even though I share Jesus online with a lot of people and serve others online, I feel stuck.  I have already addressed my physical challenges and the “shut-in” status of my cousin and I.  However, this book has placed a burning desire in my heart to “be” Jesus to others in a real way even though online is the main venue that I have opened to me.  I am more willing to show the joy of the Lord to a total stranger now when I go to the supermarket.  I will say hello, good morning and start-up any conversation with total strangers whereas I rarely ever did that before.  There are a lot of people on the Egg Angels ministry team who are also “afraid” of sharing Jesus.  This resource will help them to avoid the “sin of silence”, and live The Great Commission.[10]


Although Share Jesus Without Fear is an evangelistic book that lends itself to the furtherance of the gospel, the personality of Williams Fay is very evident in the book.  Initially it comes across as pushy, and to some degree somewhat insulting, and presented statements that appear to be biblically in error.  On page six he makes this statement, “That means 90 percent of us have chosen the sin of silence.”[11] Then he stated,  “The wound that killed him was silence. No one spoke up for him.”[12] Jesus is God.  He came to die for mankind.  He laid down his life for mankind before the foundation of the earth.  He did not need anyone to speak up for him.  In the opinion of this writer, this statement is unbiblical because the Bible clearly stated

But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was on him. . .  We all, like sheep, have gone astray, each of us has turned to our own way; and the Lord has laid on him the iniquity of us all (Isa 53:5-7 NIV).

It was the sin of mankind that wounded him.  Peter’s silence and the silence of all of the disciples did not cause his death or the wounds in his hands or feet.  My sins did that. The statement made a point; however, in this writer’s opinion it could lead to confusion on the part of a “new” Christian who is not grounded in The Word of God.  William Fay could have stated that the church is dying and is spiritually wounded because of the “sin of silence”.  It is the opinion of this writer that this statement, “The wound that killed him was silence. No one spoke up for him” should be omitted from the book. [13]    Overall the book is an excellent tool for new people who are on “Mission” for the kingdom of God.  It provides them with the guidance that they need to Share Jesus Without Fear  and that is a critical need all over the world.

The following are Action Steps that the The Egg Angels Ministry Team (EAMT) will take to be on mission and in obedience to the Lord.  The timeline is dependent on the number of new servant evangelists that the Lord sends to the ministry.

Action Step One: By the end of February 2015, The EAMT will begin a training program, for personnel involved in the ministry. The training will be, “How to Share Jesus Without Fear”.

As of this date, the members of the EA team have been given access to the all of the Share Jesus without Fear resources. They include,

(1) the Share Jesus Without Fear (SHWF) website,[14]

(2) The SHWF script,[15]

(3)  The SHWF website has a Vimeo presentation entitled “The sin of silence affects our churches. [16] This video speaks about the impact that not sharing Jesus has on an individual as well as the impact that it has on the church.

(4) The fourth resource is the audio presentation Share Jesus Without Fear – Audio Book (Listen Free).  This video is an abridged version of the book.  It is excellent for auditory learners.  It encapsulates the intent of the book and presents the five questions and the steps for sharing that are mentioned in the book.  The resources have been discussed in detail with the team while the writer was reading the book.  However, more detailed question and response sessions are needed to ensure that everyone understands the concepts and are comfortable carrying out The Great Commission using these resources.

Action Step Two:  By the end of the spring semester the writer, and each member of the EA Ministry Team, will develop at least three relationships with unbelievers online.  She will share her story with these three people and help them to find a Bible teaching church in their local area.

Many of the people who are members of the EAMT Facebook page are Christians.  However, there are others who are unchurched.  The only way for the team to get to know these people is if it intentionally develops a relationship with them.

  1. First, team members will visit the profile pages of each person who is on the EA page to ascertain if there are any posts that reflect a biblical viewpoint.  The names of persons who are posting scriptures or graphics that praise the name of the Lord will be eliminated from the list.
  2. The next step will engender the team leaders to disseminate the list to members of the EA team.  The members will perform servant evangelism activities such as sending Hatchlings eggs to these people.  They will post the following statement with the eggs, “Given to you in Jesus Name”.  Each person will begin conversations with their assign persons about the game. They will ask questions such as, “How long have you been playing the game?”, “Are there any specific eggs that you have a difficult time finding?”, and “May I help you to find those eggs?” They already have a script for introducing themselves to new people who need assistance with the game. This will foster a relationship before the opportunity to share will present itself.

When the team leader feels that it is time begin the sharing process the team members will start to use the script and report the results to Joyce Gerald.  We will do everything we can to locate a church in the town where the individual lives to ensure that they are mentored in the process of how to become duplicators.  The team will also continue to maintain relationships with these new converts.  We must be available to answer all questions etc., The devotional website will be shared with the new converts.  This process will streamline the team’s current efforts.  It will also ensure that every team member is on the same evangelism page.

EAMT must be constant, in season, and out of season with Christ as the central focus of the ministry.   Servant evangelism must become the gas that powers the ministry.

The harvest is indeed great, and the laborers are few, but  EAMT will do its part to present the gospel to the world in Jesus name.  Will you join us in this endeavor?  WIll you pray for the team as it begins its mission for the Kingdom of God?  Are you prepared to go forward yourself to be on mission for Christ?


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