Don’t be crippled by fear – let it go!

When struck by fear, I let go, depending securely upon You alone. Psalm 56:3

I am so glad to know that I can do this. I have been stuck by fear in my life. God told me to face the fear of the loss of a friendship. He explained to me that if the friendship was real it would not be lost – if it was not it would. We use the word friend in the same manner that some people use the seasoning “salt”.  I have watched as many people sprinkle salt on their plate without tasting the food first to see if it needs it. Many times we apply that same principle to the word “friend”. Not everyone is a “friend”.  People who repeatedly hurt you are not friends. People whom you know but who are not there for you are NOT friends.

Jesus is a friend in the truest form possible. He died for us. He is a friend to people who don’t even want him to be their friends. He loves them even when they deny him, refuse to serve him, and chose to be “friends” with for want of a better phrase “the” world. So, what do they do when they are struck by fear? Many find some positivist guru-who will temporarily sooth the fear. We can pretend it is not there, but it manifests itself in many ways. It is only when we let go of it to God that we are secure and free of it! So if you are struck by fear today–just let it go and call out to Jesus-surrender it to Him he can handle it. You may have to cry it out, shout it out, bellow it out. Either way, get it out of your system and let the light of the Holy Spirit shine into that dark place where the fear once existed. You cannot do it alone. Call on the Almighty, powerful, omnipresent one. He is just a call away. His network is never busy.

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